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Heavy Duty Rural MailboxHeavy Duty Rural Mailbox

Decorative Roadside MailboxDecorative Roadside Mailbox

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Mail House MailboxMail House Mailbox

Antique Rural MailboxAntique Rural Mailbox

Cluster Box UnitsCluster Box Units

Roadside MailboxRoadside Mailbox

Eagle Rural MailboxEagle Rural Mailbox

Wall Mounted Mailbox

Traditional MailboxTraditional Mailbox

Mail SlotMail Slot

Stainless Steel MailboxStainless Steel Mailbox

Antique Brass Decorative MailboxAntique Brass Decorative Mailbox

Townhouse MailboxTownhouse Mailbox

Traditional Decorative MailboxTraditional Decorative Mailbox

Victorian MailboxVictorian Mailbox

Stainless Steel Decorative MailboxStainless Steel Decorative Mailbox

Locking Mailbox

Mail House MailboxMail House Mailbox

Victorian MailboxVictorian Mailbox

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Cluster Box UnitsCluster Box Units

Column MailboxColumn Mailbox

Designer Roadside Designer Roadside

Roadside MailboxRoadside Mailbox


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Classic Mailbox PostsClassic Mailbox Posts

Deluxe Mailbox Deluxe Mailbox

Standard Mailbox Standard Mailbox

Decorative Mailbox PostsDecorative Mailbox Posts

Decorative Mailbox Decorative Mailbox

Column Mailboxes

Column Mailbox - LockingColumn Mailbox - Locking

Column Mailbox - Non LockingColumn Mailbox - Non Locking

Roadside MailboxRoadside Mailbox

Antique Brass MailboxAntique Brass Mailbox

Rural MailboxRural Mailbox

Designer Roadside MailboxDesigner Roadside Mailbox

Eagle Rural MailboxEagle Rural Mailbox


Commercial Mailbox

Cluster Box UnitsCluster Box Units

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Salsbury Industries is the Industry Leader in Mailboxes

Salsbury Industries is the industry leader in manufacturing and distributing commercial and residential mailboxes. Salsbury Industries’ mailboxes can be found in homes, apartments, condominiums, townhomes, office buildings, private postal centers, corporate mail centers, military bases, colleges, universities and schools, and business facilities throughout the world.

Operating in over 600,000 square feet in Los Angeles, CA and Columbus, OH our manufacturing and warehousing facilities are vertically integrated.

Salsbury Industries USPS

Salsbury Industries’ Mailboxes are made from a variety of materials and come in a wide range of colors. We carry a full line of United States Postal Service (USPS) approved mailboxes. Whether you are looking for a commercial mailbox or a home mailbox, we are the one-stop-shop for all your mailbox needs. Commercial mailboxes includes cluster box units (CBU's), high-security 4C and 4B+ standard and custom horizontal mailboxes, vertical mailboxes, aluminum and brass mailboxes, free-standing mail centers, parcel lockers, courier boxes, cluster box unit (CBU), mail chests, drop boxes and letter boxes. Residential and home mailboxes include the roadside locking mailboxes, heavy duty rural mailboxes, townhouse mailboxes, modern mailboxes, traditional mailboxes, antique mailboxes, Victorian mailboxes, mail houses, designer mailboxes, decorative mailboxes, wall mounted mailboxes, column mailboxes, stainless steel mailboxes, brass mailboxes, mail chests and mail slots. Mailbox accessories include a standard mailbox post option and classic, decorative and deluxe mailbox posts.

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Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of Residential Mailbox and Residential Mailbox Posts. Curbside residential mailbox are U.S.P.S. approved and will add curb appeal to any home. Residential mailbox can be purchased for individual installations or can be clustered together with spreaders or larger posts for multi-unit curbside delivery.

Salsbury Industries offers a variety of Residential Mailbox including Wall Mounted Mailbox, Column Mailbox and Locking Mailbox. These products are available for individual home owners, residential developments, condominiums, home owners associations, businesses and a variety of other applications.

Products shown on this site are manufactured and distributed by Salsbury Industries –
For more information please visit: or call 1-800-MAILBOX (1-800-624-5269).